Shipping Information

PLEASE NOTE: During the Covid.19 shipping times may be a bit longer. Please stay calm your items will come :D 
Once you have ordered we need 1-3 days to make the order. No more than 5 days.
Once the tracking numbers are sent to you, the delivery is around 7-20 business days. (not counting holidays and weekends) 
We appreciate your patience and understanding. In the rare cases when adverse weather or other unforeseen situations may cause a delay that is outside of our control. Please contact us if you have not received your order after 25 days.
it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days for your package information to appear in the system. please allow at least 24 hours after receiving your shipping notification for your tracking number to show up.  

keep in mind that  tracking is a guide, not an exact science. the barcode on your package’s label is scanned as it moves through various shipping facilities on its way to you, but it’s not uncommon for scanners to miss the barcode, causing tracking information to be insufficiently updated. Tracking technology isn’t terribly sophisticated to begin with, and during the super-busy holidays it’s even easier for the scanners to accidentally skip labels as so many packages move through the system! please be patient and give your package time to arrive safely to you.